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    Code: 27
    Ancient Iran:
    Iran Eco-cultural Tour
    nagsh-e jahan square,chehel soton palace, Pol-e Khaju,Zoroastrian cemetry & fire tempel, Chak Chak, Kharanagh,walking around nomads, Pasagadae, Nagsh-e Rostam and Persepolis
    Iran Eco-cultural Tour
    Iran Eco-cultural Tour

    Day 1: Arrival

    Day 2:Teheran,full day city tour

    Day 3: Teheran – Kashan, Visit the location of Qom city, the location of tomb of Imam Khomeyni along the way. In Kashan Finn Garden

    Day 4: Kashan,Kashan city tour

    Day 5: Kashan – Esfahan, Visit Abyaneh along the way, then the Mosque & tombes in Natanz -continue to Esfahan.

    Day 6: Esfahan, city tour, nagsh-e jahan square, mosques & bazar

    Day 7: Esfahan, city tour chehel soton palace, Pol-e Khaju, shaking minarets(Condition: finishing Reconstruction)

    Day 8: Esfahan - Yazd,Via Na'in (mosque) and Meybod (castle, pottery) to Yazd

    Day 9: Yazd,Yazd city tour ,Zoroastrian cemetry & fire tempel

    Day 10: Yazd – Zein-o-Din, visit Chak Chak, Kharanagh & walking on the sand dunes along the way to Zein-o-Din

    Day 11: Zein-o-Din – Bavanat, Overnight in guesthouse ,walking around

    Day 12: Bavanat – Shiraz,Via Pasagadae, Nagsh-e Rostam and Persepolis

    Dag 13: Shiraz, City tour Shiraz: Argh-e Karim Khan, Mosque, Vakil Complex & Hafez tomb end of the day

    Dag 14: Shiraz – Teheran,flight Shiraz - Tehran, followed by visit to Sa'ad Abad or Niavaran Palace

    Dag 15: Departure transfer in accordance with flight

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