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    Iran through the eyes of women
    In the morning you will drive to Abyaneh & will walk through the mountain village where it seems time has stood still and villagers still wear their traditional costume
    Iran through the eyes of women
    Iran through the eyes of women

    Day 1: Arrival
    Upon arrival in Tehran you will be welcomed and transferred to your hotel in Kashan

    Day 2: Kashan
    A full sightseeing program in Kashan is on the program today. You’ll visit the traditional merchants houses Brujerdi & Tabatabayi and of course a visit to Fin Garden is on the program

    Day 3: Abyaneh
    In the morning you will drive to Abyaneh & will walk through the mountain village where it seems time has stood still and villagers still wear their traditional costume. Amongst others you will visit the Fire temple and also have the opportunity to visit local handicrafts. In the afternoon you’ll have some time on your own to walk through the village. Local women will love to show you how they dry fruits and make their handicrafts

    Day 4: Matin Abad
    After breakfast you will drive to Matin Abad. Here you will camp overnight, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the desert. Optional activities like camel riding and biking are possible "not included".

    Day 5: Esfahan
    Today you drive to Esfahan where you will visit Vank church, and you will have a meeting & lunch with some women professionals lawyers/ doctors / businesswomen etc.). After this a visit to the shaking minarets & the Khajoo bridge will be arranged

    Day 6: Esfahan
    A full day city tour. You will see all the highlights of the city, like You will visit the Naghsh-e Jahan complex include Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Aliqapu Palace, the Bazaar (for shopping) and Chehel Sotoon Palace. In the evening you can make an evening walk along the famous sio-se-pol bridge, where often people gather together 

    Day 7: Esfahan – Yazd
    After breakfast you will drive towards Naeen & Aghda, where you will visit a traditional house and you can have a short rest. After this you‘ll
    drive to the pre-Islamic city of Meybod where, among others, you’ll visit Narin Castle, the Ice house and the pigeon house. You will also visit
    the city of Ardakan and Chak Chak, the main temple of Zoroastrians. You will then continue to Yazd

    Day 8: Yazd: Windtowers & Zoroastrians
    Yazd’s highlights are on the program today. Yazd is a typical desert city, famous for its wind towers. Amongst others you will visit the Jameh Mosque, Alexander Prison, Amir Chaqmaq complex and the water museum. Late afternoon you will get more knowledge about Zoroastrians by visiting the Fire Temple, Towers of Silence and the Zoroastrian cemetery.
    If time permits you will end the day with a visit to the Zur Khaneh in Yazd, to see a traditional Iranian men sport accompanied by a singer with drum.

    Day 9: Kharanagh & Zein-o-din
    Today you will visit the old citadel of Kharanagh and the sand dunes of Moghestan. You will overnight in the Karavansarai of Zein-o-din, restored to welcome guests the way it did when traders of the silk route passed by in former times

    Day 10: Nomads
    After breakfast you will drive towards Eglid or Abadeh, there you will meet a nomad family to experience their local life. (The location depends on the nomad’s emigrations. If they haven’t moved yet, it will change to Bavanat)

    Day 11: Shiraz
    After saying goodbye to your hosts you will depart for Shiraz. Along the way you will visit Pasargad, the capital of Cyrus the Great and also his last resting place and continue to the ancient Persepolis, the capital of Darius (518 BC) the historic complex includes: Kakh-e sad Sooton (Hundred columns palace), tomb of Artaxerxes II and III. Nagsh-e Rostam is another historic place Near Persepolis where you will visit the tombs of Darius I & II, carved out in the rocks. Continue to shiraz

    Day 12: Shiraz
    After breakfast you will have a city tour of Shiraz. You will see the highlights of the city like the Vakil complex (bath, museum & bazaar), Karim khan Citadel and Moshir garden. In the afternoon you will visit the tombs of Iran’s beloved poets Saadi & Hafes. Your guide will read you some of their poems. The tomb of Hafez is a meeting point for students and you will meet with some female students here.

    Day 13: Tehran
    In the morning you will fly to Tehran, where you will be welcomed at the airport. In the afternoon you visit the National, carpet and glass Museum and Golestan palace.

    Day 14: Tehran
    Today you will have a city tour in Tehran, visit Sa’adabad Palace and the Tajrish Bazaar. You can have lunch in a restaurant at Darband and have a walk around the area in the afternoon.

    Day 15: Departure
    You will have the morning at leisure to do some last shopping. In accordance with your flight you will be brought to the airport.


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