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    In search of Persian ground jay (Podoces Pleskei)
    In search of Iran endemic bird, Podoces Pleskei Ancient Hyrcanian forests, Boola protected area and Khero Naro Mountain slopes Parvar protected area, Tang Finsk and Kavard, regional wild life and birds of prey Khartooran protected area and national park, known as Africa of Iran, the second largest biosphere in the world ((climate and structural changes in a range of high mountains to Degh ,Kal shoor and sand dunes)) The easternmost point of Khartooran , Reza Abad dunes, tranquility and beauty of the desert Birds of prey such as Eastern Imperial eagle, Golden eagle, Kestrel, Vulture, Oriental White-backed Vulture, Long-legged Buzzard, Eurasian Eagle owl, Night raven
    In search of Persian ground jay (Podoces Pleskei)
    In search of Persian ground jay (Podoces Pleskei)

    Day1. Arrival at Tehran, warm welcome at the airport, transfer and hotel accommodation
    If the time permits, a half-day Tehran city tour will be feasible.
    Day2.Early morning, we will move towards Firoozkooh, after having breakfast in a restaurant, we will continue the path to Sang Deh Village.In the village, after replacing the vehicle to a local one we will head to the slopes of Nero Mountains and beech forests. Today’s program includes hiking, bird watching in Hyrcanian and mountainous areas and also having lunch in the nature. After that, we will head back to Sang Deh village to have local food as dinner and rest.
    Path length: 225 km
    Day3.Early morning after breakfast, we will head to Farim and Soleyman Tangeh Dam, along the river we will stop to watch the birds, and then we will move towards Kiasar and Parvar. We will have lunch in a local house. In the afternoon, we will continue our program that includes visiting Environmental Monitoring Office, regional wildlife and watching birds. After that, we will head back to local house to be prepared for a night tour to visit nocturnal birds and animals.
    Parvar protected area, located between two different ecosystems – desert and forest that are both considered as masterpieces of creation- is heavily affected by them.
    This area that is influenced by surrounding environment and vegetation diversity , provides a good habitat for various species of floras and faunas ,so it gives us the opportunity to visit some rare birds such as Golden eagle, Eastern Imperial eagle, Buzzard, Barbary Falcon, vulture, Isabelline Shrike, Partridge, Caspian Snowcock, Pheasant, Houbara Bustard, hawk and so on.
    Among the native plants, we can name Oak, Maple, Beech, hawthorn, Juniper, etc.
    The regional mammals are Brown Bear, Leopard, Fox and variety of wild cats.
    After that, we will return to local house to have dinner, take rest and be prepared for the next day program.
    Path length: 180 km
    Day4.After having a delicious local breakfast, we will head towards Khartooran protected area.
    First, we will move to Mahdishahr and Semnan, after passing through Dameghan we will continue the road to Ghale Bala village. We will take a short rest and head to village’s area to visit nocturnal animals and birds. Then, we will head back to local house to dine and overnight.
    Path length: 320 km
    Day5.Early morning after breakfast, we will head towards the entrance of the protected area by mini bus, to search for Persian ground jay (Podoces Pleskei) in Khartooran.
    Khartooran is known as Iran’s Africa. Tooran biosphere reserve with an area of 1,470,640 hectares is the largest biosphere reserve of Iran and in the second place behind Serengeti, it is the largest biosphere reserve of the world.
    Unique characteristics such as special vegetation, geographic coordinates, being located among 3 mountains higher than 2000 m and sharing borders with Central Desert, make a wonderful ecosystem that causes the mentioned area considered as a great genetic reserve of the country.
    We will pass all day long in the habitats of Persian cheetah and wild ass , rest beside Majerad spring, then return to Ghale Bala to enjoy having local food as dinner and spending the night in local house.
    Path length: 100 km
    Day6.After breakfast, we will move towards the eastern parts of Tooran. Today’s program includes desert trekking and searching for desert birds specially Podoces Pleskie.
    This bird has some very different traits from its relatives - crows and ravens - for instance, it is a terrestrial bird that prefers to walk or run when threatened rather than taking flight.It sings beautiful songs and the color is beige.
    The bird in question lives just in desert /semi-desert areas of east and south-east of Iran and it is the only bird endemic to our country.
    Along the road, desert villages can be seen and beautiful sunset will provide you a nice opportunity to take wonderful photos. At night, we will make a desert camp and if the weather is favorable, we can observe the starry night.
    Path length: 110 km
    Day7. Watching golden sunrise through sand dunes and having breakfast, make us prepared to take an excursion in the region and buy some handicrafts from the nearest village.
    Then, we will continue the road to Biarjomand and have lunch in Dameghan. After that, we will head towards Salt Lake and Haj Ali Gholi Salt Mine.
    Watching beautiful sunset in the desert and taking photos are another parts of our program before returning to the hotel in Dameghan.
    Path length: 370 km
    Day8. After having breakfast in the hotel, we will continue the path to Garmsar to visit Salt Tunnel and Salt Mine ,located in colorful mountains of the region and also watch the birds of prey. We will head back to Garmsar to have lunch. Then, we will finish our program by moving towards Tehran and spend the night at the hotel.
    Path length: 360 km
    Day 9: After an adventurous travel to the heart of the nature, now it is the time to have a Tehran sightseeing tour.
    First of all, we will visit Golestan Palace and Tehran Old Bazaar, and then have lunch in a restaurant. In the next step, if you wish we can go to visit Honarmandan Park to get to know with young people.
    Having dinner and taking rest will make you ready to head home.
    We look forward to visit you once again in our country.

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